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Creating websites over a decade gave us a particular view on online presence – where the question 'Can you make me a Wordpress website?' transitioned into a question from our side 'What do you want your online presence – do for you?'. The answer on that will be in most case 'generate more revenue – direct or indirectly'. We will determine what will be the best online user experience to archive your goal using proven open source tools and where needed extend them with modules to fit custom needs to let the platform converse at it's best.

When a website is launched we will take care for the data intelligence by analysing statistics, traffic and ranking – with our own tools that give a much deeper insight then e.g. Google Analytics. Data will be used to create reports and advice you how to optimize your online strategy or website to accomplish a better visitor experience and therefore conversion. We can also help you to edit your content or website structure so texts will more valuable for search engines to be indexed.

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All websites we develop are SEO optimized and coded from the base to have a maximum findability in search engines – by default. We think a website should have a good organic ranking esspecially if there aren't any SEA planned in near future. To make your website even better to be found we can advise, edit or write optimised text content for you as an extra service.



As it's 2017 online plaforms should be adaptable to the device – something that's called 'responsive'. Websites developed by VAMDS are fully 'bootstrapped' and will therefore work perfectly on the screensizes that are common these days. We will optimise the functionality tailored to the device as not all devices have the same experience to the visitor.


We use industry standard tools for the online platforms we develop – and know which goals they serve the best!

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Revamds 5 - Template Framework

This 'Most Advanched Template Framework for WebsiteBaker CMS' - is build by VA-MDS / MMO - for designers and developers who want the maximum effect with their webpresence. Note: REVAMDS is depriciated and no longer supported.