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A professional and catchy identity is key to have an uniform and therefore trustworthy look and feel to your clients or customers. Our vision is that an identity represents your company or brand on moments when there's no physical contact. The identity really needs to fit and contribute to the tone of voice and culture of the company. Therefore (besides we love to create gorgeous identities) VAMDS puts a lot of effort in the process to come to a logo, corporate identity, design or color pattern – so your investment can last longer then a certain trend.

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Before we start sketching we make sure the name got enough support to be a 'one of kind' and will help (when necessary) to come up with a strong (domain) name that will fit the business and will be – besides logical – easy to remember and fit the culture.



In the concepting phase we will explore (within a predefined frame) various directions of styles and intepretations – with the tone of voice of the company or brand in the back of our mind. The results are digital sketches which are going to be evaluted in a client dialog.



When it's clear which version will be the final contestant – we will digitally draw up the vector version and make an entire set of versions that can be used on all possible types of media. When applicable we will also make an Identity Handbook for third party usage.


illegalistic | Design & Interaction

A lot of our creative work is done by our branche office illegalistic a creative studio specialized in awesome designs and interaction development.